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The long awaited Handheld Order Taking for Restaurants or commonly known as the Virtual Waiterpad. This is the latest innovation where you simply order a subscription and use any mobile device from a mobile phone to a tablet, IPAD or simply an IPOD.

Whats included:

  • Cloud based Handheld Order Software Compatible on ANY Mobile Device
  • Unlimited users
  • No contracts, you can end anytime giving 30 days notice.

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Once the browser opens, you will be asked for user code 0001 and passcode 1234 then click OK.  Then select New Order and pick a table and start taking orders.  Once complete, just send the order to kitchen.  

For FREE Advice call our EPOS Consultants: 0800 033 6888

Monthly Subscription

Handheld POS Terminal for Restaurant and Bars

No more missed coffees, beers or missed orders.  Our Handheld POS is designed to ensure your waiters remain on the floor and attend to customer orders.  The dynamic solution is one of the latest innovations which is not reliant on any specific hardware type and you dont even need an epos system to use.

What do you need:

You simply require a mobile device such as a smart phone, IPOD, Tablet or whatever suits your needs.  You then logon to our APP and start using.

How is your menu installed:

You simple email us your menu and we will add to the system or alternatively, we train you to do this.  It is a 20 minute task.  You can also setup your tables and areas of your restaurant.

How is the order management:

Order processing is superfast and follows a logical step.  Once the table has been opened and order taken, the order is swiftly sent to the kitchen either on a screen or a kitchen printer.  Waiters can continue to add items to the table.

Closing a table:

Once your customer requests a bill, simply place the request on the Handheld POS and a receipt is printer or you can take the payment at the table.


We provide an extensive reporting module that allows you to manage your entire restaurant.



  • No high costs of hardware
  • No contracts
  • No EPOS required
  • Easy to setup
  • Operate an organised restaurant with minimal cost of technology
  • 1 price and unlimited users


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